Synthetic Turf for pets

Pet Turf for Dogs and Other Pets

Have you had it with your dogs tracking in mud, digging holes, and destroying your grass lawn?  Investing in synthetic turf for your lawn could be the answer to all of your dreams.  Rest assured the quality of our turf grass will withstand the beating it will endure under the paws and claws of your four-legged friends. 

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking for an alternative to a traditional lawn that is drought friendly. Artificial grass demands less maintenance and upkeep, requires no water, and it can be enjoyed year-round. Many people have questions and concerns regarding their pets and how they might be affected by switching to artificial grass.

Synthetic turf for pets and backyard

Artificial lawns are safe for pets and are typically more resilient than natural lawns when it comes to the wear and tear inflicted by dogs and cats. With that being said, here are a few factors to consider before introducing your pets to a new artificial lawn.

Drainage for Pet Turf

You are probably like everyone else that considers artificial pet grass for their dogs and other pets, and are wondering about the issues of drainage, and an odor that you would expect to occur with your dog using the synthetic grass as a restroom.  Rest assured that these issues have been dealt with and proper drainage is the key element as the solution and will ensure your grass stays clean and dry no matter how much your pets use the grass. 

Keep in mind that the number of dogs or pets you have and the frequency of use will help determine the exact products which are best for you.  If you have a low use backyard, then our products will do just fine, but if you have many different animals, or are using our products in a kennel environment, we would like to speak with you about other alternatives such as K9 grass which may better suit your immediate need.  

Dog on pet turf

If you have already cleaned up and hosed down your pet’s favorite spot and still notice a lingering odor, we suggest simply wiping down the synthetic turf with a vinegar mixture. Once this has dried, any residual odor should be eliminated. 

Artificial Turf Grass is Porous

The artificial turf grass is porous, so the urine will drain right through to the ground beneath which will be properly prepared to handle the correct drainage and will not stain the fibers.  Any dog feces will need to be scooped and discarded, and the area rinsed with a hose for further cleaning.  This will not harm the grass area in any way.  Some turf systems have more limited draining and cleaning capabilities and this why we will determine your needs to ensure you purchase the correct product.

​Our main goal is to make sure your lawn not only looks great but functions in the best way possible too.   So we will consult with you about pet usage and what will work best for your lawn.