Synthetic Turf putting greens

Synthetic Turf Putting Green

When it comes to improving your golf score, you know that huge success can be found in your short game.  Spending a lot of time practicing can help a lot.  The putting green is where the game is truly won and what better way to practice than to install your very own backyard putting green?  Not only will you improve your game, but you will be the envy of all your neighbors with your new backyard putting area. 

Installing a Synthetic Turf Putting Green in Your Backyard

Are you a leisure golfer or professional golfer?  Pro golfers will require a different level of play and system than a golfer that golfs for leisure. A higher level of golfer will typically require premium installation skills, as well, so remember to choose an installation partner that has experience in creating the type of system you desire. 

Putting Green in a back yard with Synthetic Turf

Installing putting green turf in your backyard is a steadily growing trend, and is a convenient way to add some practice to your everyday busy schedule.  Imagine the extra practice you will be able to squeeze into each week if you have the convenience of your putting green.  The benefit of cutting strokes off of your game due to the added hours of practice that you will be able to now spend practicing will turn you into a real pro.

Your yard will look great in the process and no mowing is a plus for sure!

Differences Between Professional Greens and Recreational Artificial Turf Putting Greens Chipping – On a recreational putting green, the chipping distance is much shorter because there is less cushion layer for the ball to grab onto.  There is also less sand present.  The ball can bounce off of the green if you are chipping from too far away.   On a professional style putting green, the chipping distance is 4 times further than a recreational putting green. 

Cost – A Professional putting green often costs between 20-50% more than a putting green made for leisure. The reason for that is the amount of infill, labor, and overall detail on professional-style greens.

Maintenance – Synthetic turf putting greens that are used for leisure are easier to maintain.  On professional putting greens, the turf needs to be rolled extensively before finishing the system.  Your installer will know the proper technique for this process.  The more maintenance, rolling and ball play on your greens will make a tighter and much smoother surface. 

Synthetic Turf Putting Green

We take pride not only in the specific products we offer, but the technology behind the products and the installation methods used.  We have perfected installs over the years to provide optimal performance and simulate a professional golf course putting green.  Our putting greens have a natural look as well as provide for roll and ball bounce that matches the green out on the course.

Call your local Synthetic Turf company today to discuss, and design a putting green that functions and looks amazing in your backyard.